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La version 11.10 de Ubuntu est sortie, Issue229

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La dernière version de Ubuntu 11.10 dev. est disponible au téléchargement.


Dans cette Issue :

  • - Dash takes shape for 11.10 Unity

    - Ubuntu 11.10 Development update

    - Ubuntu Stats

    - LoCo News

    - Randall Ross: Unity. Simplify Your Life.

    - Elizabeth Krumbach: News is hard, but we’re making it easier

    - Mark Shuttleworth: Corporate desktops and Ubuntu

    - Jono Bacon: Ubuntu Membership and Developer Surveys

    - Canonical ARMs Ubuntu for microserver wars

    - Screenshots and Video: New Improved Unity Interface Lands in Ubuntu 11.10

    - After 20 Years, Linux Looks Better Than Ever

    - Featured Podcasts

    - Weekly Ubuntu Development Team Meetings

    - Upcoming Meetings and Events

    - Updates and Security for 8.04, 10.04, 10.10 and 11.04

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